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August 7th, 2013

Once again, our nation’s most pressing issue has leapfrogged a myriad of other crises, occupying the time of Senators and Statesmen from every state in the union.  In a time of international conflict, environmental catastrophe and large scale economic uncertainty, what is on the mind of our country’s elected officials?  Baseball.  Granted, as we close out the dog days of August and teams gear up for a playoff push over the final fall weeks, baseball is probably at least occupying more brain space than usual for fans of the game nationwide, is there really a place for MLB-related issues to occupy should-be jam packed list of concerns for Congress members?  Just recently, Roger Clemens was formally indicted by a Federal Grand Jury, charged with lying to Congress, while under oath, direct tv new haven, and obstructing congressional inquiry.  But the question remains, exactly what business does Congress have poking around in the affairs of professional baseball? Sure, the shutdown of Stephen Strasburg for the season might be fine for dinner table chatter among Senators and House Representatives who keep up with local teams on their own hours, but when it comes to official government business, one can be pretty sure the founding fathers didn’t intend for the legislative branch to check and balance the rules regarding performance enhancing drugs. (more…)

Both Sides of Health Care Reform

May 26th, 2013

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act of 2010 (or Obamacare) has created a volatile debate across the nation. Opinions seem to be split fairly close to even. Just as many seem to agree as disagree. However, by the time someone trying to research the debate comes in, so much has passed that we’re no longer focusing on the core issues. We’ve merely devolved into venomous rhetoric. So, for your benefit, here is an even look at the health care debate and at what both (more…)

Great Filibusters in History

March 21st, 2013

The filibuster is a political tool that delays voting on a particular issue. There are quite a few famous examples of filibusters that have made history and will always be remembered.

One filibuster that comes to mind took place in 1841. Senator Henry Clay proposed banking legislation that was opposed by Senator John C. Calhoun. Sen. Calhoun talked for so long that he is credited with being the creator of the modern day filibuster.

Louisiana Senator Huey Long was the “filibuster man of the year” in 1935.Want more? Click August 2013

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